Tjadine Ullmann-Carp – PCC Foundation Governor

Since 2011 I have been living in East-Sussex. We moved from Holland, where I was born, raised and had a full on career as partner of a consultancy firm, to follow my husband’s job and choose this area to live because of Blackboys School. I love to be as involved as you can in the school and social life of my children. As such I have sat on the Committee of the preschool, started after school hockeyclub, one of my own passions, and for the last 3 years was co-chair of the PTA. I strongly believe a community has the responsibility to help a child find its place in society as well as it possibly can, socially, educationally and happily. I feel very honoured to have been asked to become a foundation Governor, to assist the federation to keep its high standards when the world around us brings so many challenges. Professionally I believe I can bring some helpful experience. I have been involved in the management of a large primary school federation (9 schools) in Amsterdam, worked for the largest commercial real estate company in the world, was chair of the Preschool Committee in Rotterdam and advised several companies and governmental departments on how to reduce costs and find ways to improve their financial outlook. Momentarily I work for Wizenoze, a Tech Company, that makes the Internet a better place for children, which will launch its products in the UK this year. Personally I hope to be able to act as a helpful and active soundboard to the Staff, Management and parents. I hope to bring a bit of matter of fact Dutchness, obviously with the appropriate English touch and based on Christian values.